Covid antiviral medication

All pharmacies are reminded to order stock of the two Covid antiviral medications to have on the shelf when/if a prescription is received. Both products, Lagevrio and Paxlovid, are ordered via Alliance Healthcare and are provided free of charge to pharmacies, so there is no financial risk in holding stock. Initial supply problems have been resolved so there should be no problem to ordering however there is a quota in place, so if you are receiving large numbers of prescriptions you may need to have your quota adjusted. The correct PIP codes are Lagevrio – 8051765 and Paxlovid – 8051773.
Prescriptions are being issued by Local Care Direct, an organisation based in Yorkshire. Please ensure the entire pharmacy team is briefed on this change to the supply route for Covid antivirals because patients are being referred back to Local Care Direct or directed to their local hospital pharmacy for stock.