Why do community pharmacy contractors need to engage with PCNs?

Your survival as pharmacies depends on it, because of the interdependence relationship between PCNs and Community Pharmacies going forward.

You will have greater control and influence over local medicine optimisation decisions by engaging in PCNs.

PCNs gives you the potential to take on a greater paid role of managing patient’s condition locally and develop existing service… maximising your income potential.

PCNs will be the local focus for primary care provision & potential future local sub-contracting, getting involved now helps secure your future.

PCNs will bring opportunities Community Pharmacy, but only via if you engage, collectively with other pharmacies. The time of collaborative working as opposed to competition is upon us.

Your PCN Lead will be setting up communication groups with all their constituent pharmacies. Please ensure that you engage with these communication channels and that they develop in a 2-way format.

PCN Leads will be attending PCN meetings and will feedback potential areas of work to constituent pharmacies on a regular basis. Constituent pharmacies also need to ensure they keep in touch with their PCN Lead and engage in identifying new work streams or development areas with the healthcare professionals they work with.