CPNEN PCN lead progress report to date

Community Pharmacy PCN Leads- evolving well but challenging.

Over the last 12 months the PCN’s have continued to develop and grow across the North of Tyne area and are now fast establishing themselves as an integral part of streamlining the patient journey. This development has been demonstrated within the Gp practices and Community Pharmacies with stronger links evolving and the PCN’s having a much greater presence in the primary care system.

We continue to be one of the few areas in the Northeast and North Cumbria ICB to maintain and offer support to PCN Leads.

We now have 18 PCN Lead posts in the North of Tyne (numbers increasing slightly with the formation of the new Northumbria Primary Care PCN)

16 of the 18 PCN Lead posts are fully appointed, and we have successfully retained most existing Leads with only a handful of new appointments made over the last year. 2 areas remain vacant, and I am actively aiming to recruit into these areas as soon as possible. An expression of interest has been indicated in 1 vacancy and I am hoping to run an evening engagement meeting to recruit into final vacant post. Maintaining a full complement in the current times where work force issues are so high is a challenge.

A massive thank you to those who have continued in their roles and to the new PCN Leads who have moved into the role over the last few months. It can be at times a very challenging role, as well as a rewarding one, and we recognise this particularly in terms of the frustrations they can experience managing their time and commitments to their pharmacies.

Engagement from constituent pharmacies is still proving to be a challenge. I would also like to convey a huge thank you to all pharmacies who have contributed over the last 12 months and point out that to continue this success and evolve with the developments we all need to contribute and ensure that community pharmacy is an essential spoke in the wheel of PCN development and vital in improving patient care.

Claims for the back fill funding secured from NHS England to allow the PCN Leads time out from pharmacies has unfortunately not been utilised as frequently as we had hoped. This is largely due to work force issues and the inability to access cost effective locums.

The introduction of the Services Coaches Team last August has been a major success with many benefits. The team of service coaches have supported and guided our Pharmacy and GP Surgery teams in delivering available services in the community, alleviating the pressures on GP Appointments whilst simultaneously moving Community Pharmacy to a more service focused model in line with the NHS Long Term Plan.

I work very closely with the services coaches’ team pinpointing and identifying key areas where support is needed. – see below for more detailed info on Service coaches team

The big success story of the year was the announcement that HEE/NHS England rolled out the pilot 6-month Leadership Development Programme from last year for all PCN Leads in the area. This Programme has been specifically formulated to develop PCN Leads leadership and communication skills for the role. – see below for more detailed info on NHS Leadership Development Programme